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See also Analyzers (ARINC 818) and Analyzers (FC).

Great River Technology

Video Recorder and Playback System—High-performance Titan, Callisto, and Europa configurations can record and play out up to eight synchronized video streams. All can be configured to play back to a GUI or play out through the hardware, creating synchronized ARINC 818 video playout to cockpit displays or simulators. Learn more.

Titan 8-channel recorder

Pantera 4x4 Switch—Smart switching technology ensures that video frames are not broken or corrupted. The Pantera offers link rates to 4.25 Gb/s. Learn more.

All Pantera and HS SAM unit are supported with applications

HS SAM Gen II—HS SAMView 2 software improves flexibility and efficiency for a new generation of stand alone module. Order features customized for flight testing, the lab, productions facilities, or the simulator. Learn more.


ARINC 818 Switches—Employ in avionics applications that need multiple optical I/O interfaces and very high switching speeds. Learn more.

ARINC 818 rugged and rack 10 x 10 switches