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ARINC 818-2

ARINC Specification 818-2 is the current version of ARINC 818, published by ARINC Inc. in December 2013. During development, it was often referred to as ARINC 818 Supplement 2.

Prior to publicaion, the specification was unanimously approved by the Executive Committee of the Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee (AEEC). The action came during the Executive Commitee's October 31–November 1, 2013, meeting in Zagreb, Croatia, after a two-month public comment period.

ARINC 818-2 was developed during a seven-month effort by an ARINC-Industry Working Group.

Provisions under consideration

ARINC 818-2 builds on seven years experience with ARINC 818 implementations and will increase standardization while enabling compression, encryption, and greater speed. Custom applications implemented during those years became the basis of new, standardized features. These include:

White paper

The provisions are discussed in detail in "What's New in ARINC 818 Supplement 2," a white paper by Paul Grunwald, Director of Business Development at Great River Technology.