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ARINC 818 Library

This page contains information by and for ARINC 818 stakeholders. The most recent articles are posted first. Articles and comments may be posted by submitting them to Ellena Tapia. Please include your full name and affiliation. For questions or concerns, reach her at 505.881.6262.

Comments on articles are also welcome.

Great River Technology

ARINC 818 Implementer's Guide (2014)

For engineers implementing ARINC 818 into an FPGA, this guide provides an introduction to the protocol and its 2013 update, information on FPGA and SerDes, and a discussion of timing classes. Location: Available from Great River Technology upon request:




Paul Grunwald

Analog Video to ARINC 818 (2015)

This paper, delivered to SPIE DSS (Baltimore, 20–24 April 2015), discusses architectures extending the life of legacy hardware by converting their analog signals to ARINC 818. Download PDF.

Paul Grunwald

What's New in ARINC 818 Supplement 2 (2013)

This paper, delivered to the Thirty-second Digital Avionics Systems Conference (October 6–10, 2013) covers provisions of the ARINC Specification 818-2. Location: Great River Technology website. Download PDF.

Paul Grunwald

Why ARINC 818? (2012)

This white paper examines the history and background of the protocol. It also contrasts competing technologies. Location: Great River Technology website. Download PDF.

Great River Technology

ICD Template (2008)

A common interface control document (ICD) ensures interoperatbility among components of an ARINC 818 system. Begin with this template, which lists the parameters necessary to put together a solid ICD. Location: Great River Technology website. Download PDF.

Ken Bisson and Troy Troshynski

ARINC-818 Testing for Avionics Applications (2007)

This white paper outlines the ARINC 818 protocol. It details the testing challenges of this high data rate application. Location: Avionics Interface Technologies Tech Library. Abstract and download page.

Tim Keller

What Is ARINC 818? (2007)

This white paper introduces ARINC 818, outlining the needs that drove its development, technical details, applications, and comparison to other video and data buses. Location: Great River Technology website. Download PDF.